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June 10, 2021

8 Reasons to Gamify Your CBD Marketing Approach

Chelsey Grove

Brands globally are using a guided selling strategy to increase engagement, capture first party data, and communicate with consumers more authentically.

Consumers love to unlock recommendations from experts, while willingly sharing data that would otherwise not be collected.

Why make assumptions about consumers when there’s an opportunity to ask them questions at scale?

If you have ever considered gamifying your marketing strategy with a quiz commerce technique, you’re not alone!

Quizzes created with Jebbit are code-free and fully customizable. Jebbit experiences can be easily launched on-site, social media, email, or anywhere in the consumer journey.

CBD brands like beam, Feals, Santa Cruz Medicinals, and many others have leaned into this method to further educate consumers and point them to CBD products that fit their lifestyle.

The best way for CBD brands to guide shoppers to the right product is by asking what their use for CBD is. Whether it’s sleep, relaxation, pain, or something else,  it’s best to get that data from the source rather than making an assumption based on behavioral data.

first party data, or declared data, makes it easy for CBD brands to build their product portfolio off of dosages and reasons for using the products.

Keep reading to learn about the top reasons more and more CBD brands are choosing to gamify their marketing strategy!

Boost Conversion Rates

CBD brands use the Jebbit platform to quickly create fully branded and customized interactive experiences that guide consumers to the right products for them.

Since doing so, they have been able to increase their conversion rates. For example, beam saw a 20% increase in overall conversions and an 87% completion rate on their quiz!

Educate + Differentiate

CBD brands often face the challenge of needing to educate their consumers and differentiate from other brands on the market. Jebbit has been a key solution in helping to accomplish these objectives.

Beam solved how to capture consumer attention & raise awareness of their products through their Jebbit experience.

Relevant Remarketing

A major challenge CBD brands face is offering relevant advertisements and remarketing strategies in an emerging market.

Not everyone knows the ins and outs of CBD products, benefits, and solutions, which means many of these brands must identify potential consumers and combine the power of education with product recommendations to drive conversion.

Jebbit has been able to provide best practices to help brands provide their consumers with excellent personalized recommendations across social channels. Since CBD is still an emerging market, there can often be challenges with promoting wellness supplements in targeted advertisements.

By launching and hosting a CBD quiz through Jebbit, maximizing the power of a paid social media advertisement becomes less difficult. Consumers are provided with all of the tools, tips, and tricks they need to make better informed decisions on their own.

Simplify the Consumer Journey

Most CBD brand managers will say they get bombarded with numerous questions from shoppers asking how CBD can cure a plethora of ailments and illnesses for themselves, friends, and family.

Jebbit has helped several CBD brands create informative digital experiences that solve this issue without making any medical claims. Brands have let us know that when they launch a Jebbit quiz, they receive fewer consumer questions, because all their answers are found in the product recommendation.

Collect Actionable First-Party Data

Not only do our clients spend less time answering questions from their consumers, but they also spend less time making assumptions about their consumer’s preferences because they were able to collect valuable first party data on them.

Now brands have the power to improve their messaging to consumers who are already in their mailing lists by continuing the discussion on relevant products.

Increase Lead Capture

With Jebbit the opportunity to increase lead capture is simple and clear. For example with Beam’s Jebbit experience they were able to achieve a 32% lead capture rate! Users love to interact with quizzes, lookbooks, and trivia. By adding a lead capture landing page to the experience, it’s easier to collect new to file email addresses.

Maximize Your Declared Data Strategy

Jebbit has several out of the box integrations, plus the option for custom integrations. Our most popular integration recently is with Klaviyo! Beam was able to seamlessly integrate Jebbit data with Klaviyo to activate their new data source.

By passing through data, like preferred products and reasons for using CBD, CBD brands can offer personalized marketing communications at every stage of the consumer journey.

Build, Launch, and Collect Data at Scale

CBD brands often have small teams, and don’t have the bandwidth to have their development team create a quiz from scratch and don’t have the funds to hire an agency. Additionally, it’s difficult to gather data with in-house built experiences.

For example, Beam turned to Jebbit to create a new product match quiz that they were able to launch in only two days! Beam now has complete visibility into how consumers interact with their quizzes, and because nothing was hard-coded, they can update and optimize on the fly.

Another great resource to get started is our blog post, “Build & Launch a Jebbit Experience in Under an Hour!

Interested in launching your own interactive experience?

Chelsey Grove

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