It's Time to Power Up Your Personalization Game.

Meet the Jebbit features and functions that world-class brands are using to make every interaction with their consumers not only personalized, but relevant just personalized, but relevant - without ever needing to touch a line of code 🚫!

Here are some sweet Personalization Suite features that we dig into:

Dynamic Personalization

From dynamic "if/then" branching logic to our Dynamic Product Feed API, features built to optimize your funnel from the top down in a single experience 💪.

Dynamic Outcomes

Scoring Outcomes 💯 Matching Outcomes 🎁 Product Outcomes ✅ Outcomes that match consumers to multiple recommended products 🪃 🤿. Outcomes galore!

Traffic Splits

So that you don't have to split hairs 😡 about how to personalize for "known vs. unknown" consumers • channel source • already existing data 💡, and more!