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Signature Hardware, Pinterest, and Jebbit Increase Engagement with Home Style Quiz

Pinterest enhanced the product finder experience through the Jebbit integration, in order to help Signature Hardware establish themselves as the go-to brand for trend-focused kitchen and bath products.

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Opel, Pinterest, and Jebbit Achieve 3x Higher Engagement Rate with Interactive Lookbook

Learn how Pinterest and Opel created an interactive lookbook to guide consumers through an enhanced experience and highlight the latest features of the Opel Corsa.

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beam Sees Conversion Skyrocket with Jebbit

When beam wanted to solve dual problems of education and conversion, they turned to Jebbit for help.

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Jebbit Releases Fourth Consumer Data Trust Index Revealing Covid's Impact on Consumer Trust in World Leading Brands

Understand how to adapt to pandemic-driven consumer buying trends in the lead up to an unprecedented digital-first holiday season.

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Jebbit Announces its Declared Data Platform is now available on the Salesforce AppExchange, the World's Leading Enterprise Cloud Marketplace

Customers can now collect and activate direct-from-consumer first party data through interactive digital experiences.

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Jebbit Releases Third Consumer Data Trust Index

Survey Shows Broad Support for Data Privacy Legislation as Consumers are Increasingly Leery of Brands Requesting Too Much Information

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Jebbit Launches New Agency Platform

Meets demand from external and in-house agencies needing to deliver fast, no-code, high-performing creative engagements.

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Jenny Craig Says "I'm Ready NOW" to Monthly Jebbit Experiences

By launching monthly Jebbit experiences, Jenny Craig was able to stay top of mind with customers and help them reach their "I'm ready to lose weight NOW" moment faster.

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Bliss Uses Jebbit to Increase Engagements by 25X

Using a skincare quiz to match consumers to products based on their skin type, Bliss Cosmetics built awareness for their new product launch, while gathering the information that would help them create new customers for life.

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Karisma Unlocks Emotional Drivers with 98% Completion Rate

With Jebbit experiences at each stage of the customer journey, Karisma Resorts now delivers personalization in every “key moment” conversation.

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