Surf Air Lures Travelers with Post-Click Engagement

Surf Air launched a post-click engagement campaign to drive awareness of the Surf Air brand and to educate Facebook fans about the benefits of private air travel.


Surf Air leveraged Facebook Page posts to encourage fans to “Test their Surf Air knowledge and enter to win a gift bag with Surf Air branded t-shirts, wing pins, pens, stickers, snacks and more!”


Fans clicked on the Surf Air Facebook Page post which took them to Surf Air’s existing website. They engaged with 3 questions that informed them about the benefits of private air travel.


After answering the questions, fans were entered to win a Surf Air gift bag.



Surf Air achieved its brand building and consumer engagement goals:

  • 92% campaign completion success rate
  • 60 seconds average engagement time spent on SurfAir site
  • 78% of participants became leads


Travel advertisers looking to improve their bottom line are turning to post-click engagment to reach consumers who have already demonstrated intent by clicking on their ads.  Post-click engagement when combined with social media posts or ads leads to higher conversion rates, longer times of engagement and more social activations. To learn more about how you can get started with post-click engagement, contact Jebbit today!