Startup Engineer Jobs: What It’s Like to Work at Jebbit

Jebbit has lots to offer and who better to ask than a current engineer at Jebbit, Bobby Hazel (pictured center). Here we detail the 3 most alluring aspects of working here, in no particular order. You can determine the priority yourself.

But if you were to ask Bobby, number one is clear: “My favorite aspect of Jebbit would have to be the team itself.”

 1. Jebbit Team & Culture

The team chemistry, fostered by the dynamic personalities of the members and the closeness fostered by navigating the highs and lows of a startup, is extraordinary.

Bobby graduated from Roger Williams University in May of last year, working at a few internships including the digital publications specialist Zmags, and automotive software company DataOne Software. After graduating, he decided to work at Jebbit.

“One of my good friends from Roger Williams knew Tom our CEO, and had always mentioned Jebbit in our junior and senior years of college. One weekend, I was invited into the city by that same friend and met up with the Jebbit team. After spending a weekend with the team, going through the interview process, and seeing the awesome culture – I knew something like this may never wander my way again. After getting the offer to work here, I joined the team and never looked back.”

Now working out of a beautiful office on the 14th floor of the Landmark Center in Fenway, with views of the famous Fenway stadium and the Boston skyline, Jebbit offers not only camaraderie and passion but an amazing office with natural light and a loft-style layout.  What makes it so fun? Motivated, good-humored people plus goofiness and traditions. One especially honored tradition is known as “Friday Night Shenanigans,” which is always prefaced by a comic, highly anticipated email outlining the relevant and often ridiculous theme of the party. Here “co-workers” has a different meaning. It means watching the World Cup together, going to a Red Sox game, and sharing your highs and lows of the week.

2. Ownership & Cutting-Edge Software

As part of a start-up, developers here get to feel real ownership of the product that they have built from the ground up, not to mention that technology powers Jebbit’s innovative post-click engagement advertising model. As pseudo-parents, the tech-team is tight knit. Often having daily “stand-ups” at 10am to keep communication flowing.

“Our team is tight knit and rapidly expanding. My focus on full-stack development. We love our stack! Our API is built with Ruby on Rails, and we’re heavily dependent on Ember.js for all our frontend applications.”

3. Agility & Flexibility

Working in a startup allows the freedom and the responsibility to wear multiple hats. The experience in multiple areas and the need for agility isn’t something found in many offices.

The company is goal-oriented, motivated by accomplishing goals but in a way that allows more freedom and flexibility instead of constant oversight. Working here, you’re not in a silo—you’ll get a comprehensive understanding of all areas and what’s happening with the company as a whole.

What’s a day in the life of a Jebbit engineer? Bobby says:

“It always changes! Whether digging into code, planning out our next sprint, meeting with our product development team to brainstorm future product, or interviewing potential candidates, everyday is an adventure here.”

Now that you’re extremely interested, what is the hiring process for an engineering job at Jebbit? Bobby is happy to share his experience:

“The hiring process is fun, relaxed, and low key. In fact, my first meeting with Jebbit involved sitting down for a few appetizers, grabbing a beer, and just hanging out! Nowadays its a bit different, but similar. We’ll usually start off with a short phone call to gauge overall experience, then bring candidates in for a quick sit-down, gauge core CS fundamentals and maybe grab a beer or two at one of the Fenway bars.”

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