Why Marketers that Use HubSpot Also Love Jebbit

HubSpot helps marketers manage relationships with their consumers. It empowers them to visually and data-centrically perceive their funnel and push out content that they can track the reach and quantify the impact of. Why should marketers who use HubSpot add Jebbit to their arsenal?

Jebbit and HubSpot are aligned in purpose and compatible in technology. Two prime areas that Jebbit can add value by 1) provoking and measuring content consumption & engagement and 2) consumer profiling.


Evolve Your Content & Consumer Profiles

The pillar of HubSpot’s marketing philosophy, which its capabilities revolve around, is inbound marketing and therefore content. Jebbit enhances this because the Jebbit technology can create a conversation with the consumer around brand content, whether it be an article, blog post, white paper, or video. After clicking on the promotion of the resource, consumers are directed to the brand’s page with a customized, interactive Q/A experience overlaid. After answering a few questions, they are able to unlock the resource. The questions can be intermittent, unlocking new portions of the eBook or video sequentially, or simply unlock it in full.

In this way, based upon the consumer’s answers and their journey through the campaign, marketers are able to:

  • Help consumers navigate the their site and direct them to more relevant resources
  • Profile consumers based on their answers and seamlessly export this data to their HubSpot account
  • Use insights to craft better campaigns, identify areas of need to create new content, and better retarget their consumers on an ongoing basis
  • Assign lead scores to leads based on completion rate, time of engagement, claim rate, and, if applicable, correct answer rate.

Brands are able to do this—have a conversation and value-exchange with the consumer—without having to necessarily gate their content. Additionally, the questions can be more refined and relevant to the specific brand-consumer situation.

In short, Jebbit is able to drive more quality engagement with content and glean actionable and useful consumer insights. Marketers are empowered to more intelligently funnel leads through their lead-nurturing program.


Integrate Easily

Lastly, Jebbit has a HubSpot integration seamlessly built into its campaign builder, making the marriage of the two technologies within your marketing strategy that much easier.

Jebbit Integrations with Hubspot