Why Marketers Should Invest Their Q4 Budgets in Post-Click Engagement

As we head into the final quarter of the calendar year, marketers are wondering how they should spend their remaining budgets. With the online marketing world becoming increasingly competitive, many advertisers are turning to post-click engagement to meet their business goals-be it driving incremental sales, acquiring new customers or boosting lead generation.

Marketers are attracted by the potential of post-click engagement to improve communication, establish a relationship, and convert consumers on a landing page or website after clicking on a link or ad. What makes post-click engagement unique is its highly customized, interactive question and answer experience which directs the consumer’s attention to the most relevant content about your products and services to make sure they understand your message.

When thinking about your Q4 marketing budget, here are some reasons why you should invest in post-click engagement: 

  • -Post-click engagement on drives a 31% increase in conversions
  • -Post-click engagement decreases bounce rates by 21%
  • -Post-click engagement increases time of engagement 2:12
  • -Post-click engagement works with every digital channel, including social, search, native, mobile, display, video and email to enhance consumer interaction and conversions
  • -Post-click engagement ensures that consumers understand what you want them to know and creates urgency to take action
  • -Post-click engagement can be added to any digital marketing campaign in minutes
  • -Post-click engagement rewards the consumer in the form of discounts, promotions, exclusive content or sweepstakes upon conversion leading to an increase in the lifetime value of the customer
  • -Post-click engagement allows you to more precisely pinpoint consumer interests with progressive profiling
  • -Post-click engagement has a high social share rate–people want to share the experience with their networks

There are a lot of ways you can spend your Q4 marketing budget. As more and more brands compete online, the need to stand out is even more critical.  Post-click engagement works.  A primary reason is increased engagement–brands can tell whether a consumer understood their messaging and content and which products they are interested in. Another reason is that post-click engagement blurs the line between advertising and content, combining paid advertising with engagement marketing to those consumers who have already shown intent by clicking on your ad.  At the end of the day, post-click engagement is tremendously effective at driving not only incremental sales and brand engagement, but an impressive return on investment over the lifetime of a customer.