Lead Generation: 5 Tips to Generate More Leads with Post-Click Marketing

When it comes to lead generation strategies, content marketing has become a top strategy for B2B marketers.  According to a study by Advertising Age, three-quarters of businesses plan to increase their content spending in 2014.  This is coupled with B2B marketers planning to increase spending on a number of digital marketing tactics this year including website development (70.1%) email marketing (61.9%), online video (63.7%) and social media (55.8%).

As a B2B marketer, chances are you are creating a lot of content and investing in any number of these digital marketing channels. So how can you increase awareness of your content and drive leads faster with your existing digital media spend?  Below are five tips for driving higher quality leads with post-click engagement:

 1.  Diversify the post-click experience.

Post-click engagement is the bridge between digital media ads and the landing page. The driver of the post-click experience success is the interaction itself. Instead of offering the standard lead generation form that people skip past, we’ve found that an interactive Q&A experience offering exclusive content as a reward is a strong motivator for getting visitors to engage with your brand.

2. Use a powerful call-to-action to ‘hook’ your leads.

Once someone has clicked on your ad, now is your chance to convince them to interact with your brand.  By using words that convey urgency and invite them to explore your content through a meaningful post-click experience, you have a better chance of having them stop what they are doing and immediately pay attention to you.

3. Use questions and answers to acquire information on your target personas and educate them about your products.

As a marketer you know how important it is to learn more about your prospects. For post-click B2B lead generation campaigns, we recommend using 2-3 questions designed to identify the needs of your audience and educate them on your products or services.  For example, if your target audience is B2B marketing professionals you may wnat to include a question on what lead generation tactics work best.  The post-click question and answer experience will attract higher quality leads because prospects are taking the time to engage and ultimately they will walk away with a positive impression your brand.

4. Provide an exclusive content offer that persuades people to interact with your brand.

By providing exclusive content such as a whitepaper, report, guide, eBook or webinar, you are encouraging people to take immediate action. We recommend picking topics that are specific to your target audience persona based on what information they need to perform their job effectively and present it in an inviting way. For example if you provide digital marketing services, you may be marketing to a Marketing Director who is interested in content on overall marketing strategy.

5. Track where and how you find your best leads.

Before you even launch your B2B digital ad campaigns you should determine your KPIs.  Make sure you track which marketing channels (social, mobile, display, email, video, native) the lead came from so you can be sure to invest in the digital marketing tactics that deliver the best performance.  By tracking your leads throughout the entire lead lifecycle, you can help to understand the value of every marketing dollar spent including time of engagement, completions, social shares and conversions. If you are not doing a good job of tracking where and how you find your best leads, this could play a role if you have difficulty in generating high quality leads.

Lead generation has proven to be one of the most crucial and challenging B2B marketing objectives.  By steering away from dull landing pages, adding an interactive post-click experience and providing exclusive content that appeals to your target audience as a reward,  you have the opportunity to increase awareness of your content and leave a more favorable impression of your brand.