Jebbit: Behind the Scenes with Client Services

After venturing behind the scenes with our tech team this summer, we are satisfying your ardent curiosity with an interview with the head of Jebbit’s client services team, Michael Marcus, pictured right.

The team deals directly with clients, guiding and managing Jebbit campaigns from inception to completion. But what is so unique about Jebbit’s client services team?

“Aside from having established ourselves as the most athletic, most intelligent, and best looking team at Jebbit, the client services team has a unique opportunity to work in every area of the Jebbit business, from marketing to sales and even to tech.”

To illustrate and color his story, Michael delves into his background and elaborates on the various responsibilities and exciting opportunities that accompany his job and working at Jebbit.

Why did you come work here? What did you do pre-Jebbit?
I decided to join the founding team of Jebbit at the start of my junior year in college. At the time, the opportunity seemed like an exciting challenge and provided the chance to help launch a new product to the Boston advertising market. While it started as a part-time hobby, it quickly grew to become a full-time focus of mine. Today, Jebbit is just as exciting as day one!

What’s a bit unique about my story is the fact that I had no full-time experience before Jebbit. While in school, I started and managed a custom apparel company (TeeZone) with my roommate J.P. Lynch and also participated in the BC Venture Competition (eventually losing to my future employer), so I’ve always had that entrepreneurial “bug”! I spent summers caddying back home and on the side started a power washing company with some high school friends. I also followed my Finance major by working one summer at Wells Fargo and another at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. In the end, these experiences all somehow led me right back to Jebbit!

What do you like best about Jebbit? 
Pretty simple, the team. I can confidently say that I work with some of my best friends, but what’s been most rewarding is working with friends who motivate and teach me everyday. The group knows how to work hard when it’s most needed, but also recognizes when it comes time to unwind and have some fun. Whether it’s a basketball game in the office, a company tailgate, or a team trip to the Lake House, everyone knows how to have a good time.

What do you do on a daily basis? What are your responsibilities? 
Honestly, I hate this question. I mean really, if I had a “daily” routine, would that be inspiring innovation and advancement? That was rhetorical, of course not. Every day is totally different because I’m working with thirty or more organizations at a time who are all unique and bring a completely different set of objectives to the table each day.

If I were to sum up my days, I’d say my most important responsibility would be making sure our clients are getting the most out of the Jebbit technology. We’re redefining how marketers approach communication with their target audience, so some closer guidance is sometimes needed from our team. On the side, I also work on the Product Development team and provide input on ways our product can evolve to meet the needs of the market. Finally, I work with the sales team to help formulate and communicate implementation strategies for potential clients.

What aspect of your job do you like best? What is most rewarding or exciting? 
Might seem strange, but I love the uncertainty, flexibility, and freedom. Every day presents a new suite of challenges, but there’s no textbook with the correct answer. It’s up to each individual on our team to work together to find the best possible solution to a problem, and that’s a blast. I never know what’s going to be thrown at me on a particular day, but it’s great knowing that I have the flexibility and freedom to address the situation however I see fit. How many jobs these days let you do that!

In terms of rewarding/exciting moments, I’d say there’s nothing better than presenting a campaign strategy to a client that they’ve never even considered. Even better is months later when the program blows away expectations!