IAB Report: Internet Ad Revenues Surge 19% in Just One Year

IAB_Revenue_Trends-1In an earlier FY 2013 report, the IAB revealed for the first time, Internet ad revenues passed those of broadcast TV and mobile achieved triple digital growth year-over-year.  Search continued to lead ad formats, while digital video increased share to become the fourth largest format.


With companies devoting larger shares of their ad budgets to digital, they are searching for ways to make their media buys more effective. In addition to the essential ad components of great creative and targeting, optimizing the post-click experience can help to engage the consumers and lift conversion rates by as much as 31%. Post-click engagement works across search, native, display, social, video, mobile and email to enhance interaction and engagement with advertiser’s landing pages.  It provides marketers with the opportunity to improve their bottom line by having a more meaningful interaction with consumers who have already shown intent by clicking on their ads.