Campaign for the Week: How Wahlburgers Drove an 88% Claim Rate With a Jebbit Quiz

Want some fries with that? Even better, want some free fries with that? That’s what Wahlburgers, the burger joint started by Mark Wahlberg and his brothers, asked its fans. Their marketing team used our platform to power a quiz that they posted on their Facebook page. Anyone who took the quiz could enter their email to get a free side. The only catch? There are six equally delicious sides, so diners had a tough choice to make when they redeemed their coupon!Wahlburgers Screen Shot

Wahlburgers used the quiz to learn more about its loyal diners. With each question, the brand uncovered why people go to the restaurant and what their favorite menu items are. The quiz allowed Wahlburgers to tie email addresses to valuable data points, helping them better remarket to their diners moving forward.


  • Lead Generation
  • Consumer Profiling


  • 81% Hook Rate
  • 94% Quiz Completion Rate
  • 88% Claim Rate

An added bonus? Positive responses from fans who took the quiz. Wahlburgers has a loyal fan base who clearly enjoyed the chance to interact with the brand.