How Publishers Use Jebbit to Create Premium Ad Products

In the previous article, we looked into methods publishers use to increase their subscribers with Jebbit (progress brand-consumer relationship). However, there is another critical relationship that Jebbit improves—the advertiser-brand relationship, and, by extension, the advertiser-consumer one as well.

Everyone knows that ads have the potential to be annoying, disruptive, invasive, and contextually mismatched (we’ve all seen the photos of AdWords fails). However,  ads can be relevant and useful in certain instances, such as when they are connected to search, relevant to the content being viewed, or personalized to the viewer. In this case, we can focus on the last two in relation to publishers and their ad networks.

It is mutually beneficial if the ads surrounding published content are engaging and more effective. But how can you stray from generic sidebar ads and pop-ups to make them engaging and effective?

How Publishers Use Jebbit to Create Premium Ad Products

Jebbit can help publishers create premium ad products and offer more return on campaigns to advertisers by strategically placing Jebbitized ads to gate content.

For example, the Wall Street Journal offers excerpts of many of their articles but consumers must subscribe to access the rest. In a Jebbit use-case, consumers could go through a 1-3 question Jebbit campaign to access the article (publishers can A/B test number and type of questions). This provides exclusivity and a “pay-wall” without frustrating consumers. The “price” for access is information – data that is highly valuable to advertisers.

Additionally, these ads could be branded to the advertisers—or to the publisher. Publishers can collect this data and offer it as part of an ad package or ask questions that will help them cater their content (personalize current offerings and inform future content creation) to consumer needs (i.e. What would you like to see more of?). Another potential opportunity is to offer a discount or giveaway for answering these questions (i.e. $10 off yearly subscription or next article free) to hook consumers and increase subscription numbers.

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