A Day in the Life of a Jebbit Employee

We’ve been getting a lot of attention here at Jebbit lately and maybe, some people have started to wonder what our secret sauce is. Well, it’s not the same for each team member as we all hold different roles in the company, but today we’re going to focus on a certain team member, Bobby Fitzgerald (Digital Engagement Specialist). We asked Bobby a few questions to give a brief overview on what an average day for him is like and compiled them here for you to get a look into a day in the life of a Jebbit employee.

For Bobby, the average day starts by “waking up around 7 and responding to outstanding emails/watching SportsCenter in bed and getting into the office between 8 and 8:30”. The unique aspect of Jebbit is that everyone has their own roles and people follow their own schedules. There is not usually a set time everyone has to be in the office unless of course someone has a meeting.

Once in the office, he says he will “make a coffee and dive into outreaching potential clients before their days start”. On a day to day basis Bobby searches for people who might be interested in Jebbit through outbound calls and emails.

Of course, the environment you work in can always make a difference in what the day to day experience is like so we asked Bobby how the office is. He responded with “best office I’ve ever been in. Work hard play hard. It’s a young office but everybody has a unique skill set, we challenge each other, and we’re able to accomplish a ton. When it’s all done- we grab a beer and brainstorm ways to improve our day to day”. For Bobby, the Jebbit office is definitely a conducive workspace.

Every so often people have to take breaks though, and breaks are not something taken lightly here at Jebbit. Every minute of every day is used to improve. When we asked if he takes any breaks he said “I’m currently the top ping pong player in the office….that doesn’t happen by accident”. Improvement of the ping pong skills happens on breaks at Jebbit.

Jebbit employee playing ping pong

Besides breaking for ping pong, the team has to eat too. Even eating is a team event as Bobby says “I live next door so when I can, I save money by cooking at home. With that said- I prefer to grab lunch with the team. At least twice a week a large group will run to a local restaurant and sit down for a meal”.

In between eating and ping pong tournaments, some work has to get done and for Bobby it’s reaching out to clients. He says the people he engages with are “anybody who is looking to get more out of their digital outreach or engage with consumers on a personal level. I interact with brands and agencies to discuss various ways to improve their digital traction”. This all goes on until between 6 and 9 pm depending on the day, and Bobby leaves when he is set for the day. Depending on the time he heads out, he’ll sometimes grab dinner at the office. Although every Tuesday the team grabs dinner together to talk, bond and check up on where everyone is with their work.

Developing a productive team culture is something Jebbit takes pride in. Everyone at Jebbit brings a unique quality to the table that no one else has. This has been key to our successful growth and agile nature over the last few years. If you have a work hard play hard mentality, and want your contributions have a direct impact on the company, a startup could be a great fit for you. Check out Jebbit’s career page to see what positions we’re hiring for!