Campaign of the Week: New Balance Warrior Sees 9% Increase in Conversions by Asking Questions

Campaign Spotlight: Warrior Sports Burn 9.0

Warrior Sports wanted to promote their featured item, the Burn 9.0 lacrosse cleat. Their audience, high school and college athletes who play lacrosse and hockey, doesn’t like traditional advertising and prefers engagement with their favorite brands. To reach and engage their shoppers in a fun way, Warrior runs interactive Jebbit campaigns. For the launch of these sweet new cleats, they produced a video. They promoted the video Jebbit campaign on multiple channels, including Instagram, paid search, and display advertising. Shoppers who completed the campaign received a free pair of socks with the purchase of new cleats. By using Jebbit, Warrior increased their typical conversion rate by 9 percent.Warrior screenshot


  • Brand awareness
  • eCommerce sales
  • Consumer profiling

Campaign Execution

The Jebbit campaign overlaid a product video about the cleat. Viewers could watch the video, answer two questions about the cleats, and enter their email to get the free socks promo code.


  • 9% increase in Click-to-Conversion Rate
  • 70% of all sales attributable to display and paid search
  • 96% Completion Rate
  • 66% Claim Rate