Campaign of the Week: MOTT’s Plymouth County Getaway

Each month, the Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism runs a sweepstakes program offering vacations to fun destinations in Massachusetts. It’s a great way for them to highlight the different beautiful regions in the state. MOTT has started using our technology to power their sweepstakes, first with their Mohawk Trails vacation and now with their Plymouth County Getaway.

In this campaign, MOTT saw a 93% Completion Rate and an average of 1:25 Engagement Minutes. To put that in perspective, most consumers leave a website within 15 seconds. In this case, they stayed for almost a minute and a half and engaged with the brand, with almost everyone who clicked through answering every single question. With Jebbit, MOTT transformed a typical sweepstakes process into an engagement engine – educating their audience while collecting valuable market insights and boosting sweepstakes entries. Let’s take a look at how we made that happen!

Mobile Plymouth Getaway Q1Goal

Lead Generation


MOTT A/B/C/D tested this campaign to find out what their audience responds to best. First, they tested opening with a survey question or a trivia question. Then, they tested whether or not putting the value of the trip in the tutorial box made a difference in their Hook Rate. MOTT mixed profiling questions with trivia about Plymouth County.


MOTT distributed the campaign through their weekly email newsletter, their Facebook page, and right on their website.


  • 61% Hook Rate
  • 93% Completion Rate
  • 65% Claim Rate
  • 1:25 Engagement Minutes

MOTT discovered that their audience responds better to a trivia question first. They also collected valuable market research data about travelers through their questions.