Campaign of the Week: Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism

The Campaign & Strategy

The Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism (MOTT) launched an omni-channel Jebbit campaign this December to engage their audience and collect data to build audience segments. MOTT leveraged their extensive email base as well as social and on-site channels. MOTT’s recent campaign is a great example of how to use Jebbit to engage a massive email following.

In a recent email to their subscribers, MOTT included a CTA to enter to win a getaway to Mohawk Trail, a beautiful region in Western Massachusetts. If viewers clicked the CTA, they went to a landing page that kicked off their post-click experience. MOTT also included an on-site CTA and promoted the sweepstakes on their social media channels.

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The questions in the experience were psychographic, generating useful data around viewer attitudes, preferences, and intentions. These data points helped MOTT create several segments of their audience for use in future marketing efforts – the data will help them provide the most relevant content to their audience.
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Upon completing the questions, viewers gave their email address to be entered into the sweepstakes.

The Results



  • 95% total views
  • 68% Hook Rate
  • 97% Completion Rate
  • 1:33 avg Engagement Minutes


  • 2% of total views
  • 50% Hook Rate
  • 82% Completion Rate
  • 1:18 avg Engagement Minutes


  • 3% of total views
  • 48% Hook Rate
  • 92% Completion Rate
  • 1:33 avg Engagement Minutes

The results highlight the strength of MOTT’s email channel. Consumers who already subscribe to a brand’s content will respond positively to new, interactive content with a personalized touch.