Campaign of the Week: CBS Local – Graton Resort & Casino

One of our partners, CBS Local, offers our solution in package deals to its network of clients, enhancing its offerings as a publisher. One of those clients, Graton Resort & Casino, is located outside San Francisco, California and advertises through CBS Local SF.

Strategy Highlight: Campaign Optimization

Graton’s campaign strategy was improved by leveraging past results in tandem with new features released by the Jebbit product team over a 3 month period. Some changes implemented by creative at Graton and within the Jebbit backend include:

  • Call-to-action copy edited to mention that you can enter to win if your answers are right or wrong to incentivize visitors to complete the experience
  • Call-to-action highlighted in both the tutorial and reward windows
  • Dropdown bar modified to keep answer options visible at all times, instead of dropping down when users scroll over it
  • Number of questions reduced from 5 to 3

Check out the campaign for yourself here.


Graton’s campaign objectives include driving lead generation, brand awareness, and user engagement. The campaign is designed to run into Super Bowl 50. Though Graton Casino doesn’t have any affiliation with Super Bowl, the campaign builds off of the excitement leading up to it with a football trivia game that has a $500 Visa gift card giveaway. Graton deployed the campaign via online display ads, as seen below.

CBS Graton Casino

After they click on the ad, fans are directed to a post-click experience overlaid onto the CBS Local website.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 6.41.46 AM

Once a user reaches the CBS local page, he can answer football trivia questions displayed in a customized Jebbit dropdown bar.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 6.42.21 AM

At the end of the campaign, fans see a form asking them to enter their email. Once they fill it out, they’re eligible to win the gift card.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 6.43.16 AM



Hook Rate

  • The optimized campaign achieved a 45% hook rate, achieving 3x the prior average of 15%.

Completion Rate

  • The post-optimization completion rate remained consistent at 96%, raising the campaign average to 92.3%


  • Average engagement decreased as a result of the switch from five to three questions.  The average engagement per question was 18.6 seconds per question, in comparison to the prior average of 20.2 per question.

The campaign is currently running, and will be up until the Super Bowl. Optimized campaigns that adapt  to results and new developments will see better long-term results. Close communication between a brand’s team and our campaign strategy team can help to identify areas of strength, weakness, and potential improvement. The real-time nature and data feedback loop of Jebbit technology facilitates effective data-driven modification and assessment.