Campaign of the Week: CARLY for America

The CARLY for America campaign launched prior to the November 10th Republican debate, in anticipation of increased web traffic. The campaign objective was to drive users visiting the CARLY for America website to an engaging experience to voice their opinions and unlock a CARLY for America bumper sticker, which they could redeem at the time of campaign completion or at their convenience.

Carly campaign on tablet


After clicking on the call-to-action on the website, users were directed to an interactive experience where a CARLY-branded question bar overlaid a webpage containing information on Carly’s stance on various issues. The questions were designed to assess users’ attitudes, voting intent, and the issues that matter most to them in the upcoming election.

Carly campaign question

After completing the questions, users could claim their free bumper sticker. They were also prompted to subscribe to the newsletter if they wanted to stay up-to-date or inform the Carly campaign of important issues.

Carly campaign on desktop


  • 16% Hook Rate
  • 78% Completion Rate
  • 23% Claim Rate

Our analytics allowed the CARLY for America team to analyze desktop and mobile metrics, revealing similar results with mobile performing slightly better on completion rate at 80% in comparison to 77%. However, traffic was 2.6x higher on desktop versus mobile.


This campaign demonstrates the ability to apply Jebbit’s post-click technology platform to political candidates’ and advocates’ efforts, aiding them in assessing what issues are most relevant and voters’ intentions, beliefs, and attitudes. The interactive, mutually beneficial, and easy-to-use platform encourages conversation and participation, in contrast to many traditional methods of political communication like form-fills.

Additionally, the ability to segment traffic into desktop versus mobile metrics helps CARLY for America identify areas of improvement and strength, knowledge which can be reincorporated to optimize the campaign.