3 Post-Click Engagement Best Practices for Brands

Post-click engagement is the most important part of any digital marketing campaign because it’s where users convert in the marketing funnel. You’ve spent thousands of dollar just getting your potential customers to this point, and it’s likely that 99% of them have already fell out of your campaign. Do you really want to risk losing those customers who actually clicked your ad and are interested in your message? Of course not! That’s what Post-Click Engagement is for. And here are 3 best practices that will help you kill it on your next digital marketing campaign.

1. Know Your Audience

You know your audience better than anyone, so start by evaluating the loyalty of your customers. On a scale of 1 to 10, let’s say 1 is your internet service provider and 10 is your favorite artist, Justin Bieber. Where does your brand fit in between? Knowing this is key to determining how you craft a customer’s experience after the click. More engaged brands will need to put in less effort to get users to convert. Less engaged brands need to be more strategic. But no matter where your brand is on the ISP / Bieber spectrum, creating a rewarding experience for your customers after they click on your ad is crucial to your success.

2. Create a Rewarding Experience

You want the relationship between your customers and your brand to be cyclical. Meaning you are consistently rewarding them for engaging with your brand, and they are rewarding you with sales, market insight, or social sharing. We call this “The Brand Feedback Loop”.

One simple way to create an effective Brand Feedback Loop is to ask your customers (or potential customers) a few questions in exchange for some type of digital reward like a discount code, free download, special offer, etc. If Justin Bieber’s website encourages fans to select their favorite song in exchange for a discount code on his new album, they’d be much more likely to purchase the album and tell all of their Belieber friends. As a marketer, this information is valuable because now you know the fans’ favorite songs, and can remarket to them based on their responses.

3. Engage with Simple Questions

Your post-click Q&A strategy is quite frankly the most efficient way to increase your conversion rate.  With Jebbit’s post-click engagement platform, it’s easy to set up your campaign, most consumers will engage with your questions, and you will drive a higher ROI.

So what types of questions should you be asking on your landing page or website? We recommend questions that are easy to answer and prove that the consumer understands your messaging and content. Opinion questions are a good first question because they are easy to answer. “What is your favorite Justin Beiber song?”. Scavenger hunt questions can also be effective later on in the experience. So for example, you would a question based on content in your web page or video. “How much money will you save when you switch to us?”. Be careful with these though. If the answer is difficult to find it may discourage consumers.

By now you are post-click engagement wizard. Or at least you could run a killer marketing campaign for Justin Bieber. Consider the points we discussed in this blog as the secret sauce to your next digital marketing campaign.

Jebbit offers a quick and simple way to increase engagement and conversion rates of your campaigns while ensuring you are implementing these best practices to optimize your return. Contact us to set up your first post-click engagement campaign in 15 minutes or download our eBook to learn more!